Продукти и услуги

ICT Trade Bulgaria: Import & Export of hardware – units & value (USD & EUR)
  • Computes: desktops, mobile;
  • Printing hardware: copiers, faxes, MFD, printers, parts, toner cassettes;
  • Video hardware: digital cameras, monitors, mm projectors;
  • Components: keyboards, HDD, tapes, flash memory;
  • Network hardware; Parts; UPS;
  • Telco: cordless phones, cellular phones, GPS;
  • Split by units: notebooks vs. tablets;
  • Split by units: smartphones vs. mobile phones;
  • Internal market: Import minus Export;
  • ICT products growth: retail and whole sale;
  • Quarterly, Since 1992.

CBN Top-100 BG: Ranks by revenues
  • Bulgaria Top-100: ICT integration and services providers;
  • Bulgaria Top-100: Software business;
  • Bulgaria Top-100: Technology business;
  • Yearly, Since 1995.

ICT Markets Bulgaria: Markets in units & volume: annual results and forecasts
  • Hardware market: Notebooks, Tablets, Mobile phones & Smartphones, HDD, Keyboards, Motherboards (units only), Computers assembled (units only), Computers install base (units only), Monitors, Networking (volume only), SCS, Printing devices, MM Projectors, UPS, Total internal market;
  • Software market: Total, Import, Export;
  • ERP, CRM and BI markets: Customer’s data base, Projects, Vendor’s share, Integrator’s share, Vertical markets, Customer’s profiles;
  • Internet market: Basic facts and figures;
  • Yearly, Since 1996.

IT Survey Bulgaria: Distributor – dealer’s business channels
  • Brands (most sold): PC, Servers, Notebooks, Tablets, OS, Security software, Smartphones, Monitors, Laser printers, MFD-laser, MFD-ink, UPS, MM Projectors, Motherboards, Processors, HDD-internal, SSD, HDD-external, RAM, Flash, Cases, Networking, Surveillance cameras, GPS;
  • Distributors (most purchased from): PC, Servers, Notebooks, Tablets, Software, Monitors, Printers, MFD, UPS, Motherboards, Processors, Surveillance cameras, HDD, RAM, Flash, Cases, Smartphones, Networking and Multimedia;
  • Customer satisfaction (best): prices, store, service, credit lines, loyalty programs, web orders, trust, total, sales managers, product lines approval;
  • Dealer’s business: Yearly growth and forecasts – hardware, software, services and consumables, e-shops, GSM revenues;
  • Yearly, Since 1997.

Business analytics: employees, revenues, net profit, as % from BG GDP
  • ICT whole sale business: revenues, shares, cost of goods, gross margin, cost of business, cost of wages, store, claims, obligations, employees, revenue per employed, wages per year and month, inventory days, receivable days, return of capital;
  • Technology business (10 segments): employees, revenues, revenue per employed, net profit;
  • Technology business (10 segments): wages per employed (monthly and yearly);
  • Yearly, Since 2007.

VIP Business Bulgaria: B2B date base, selected by revenue, profit, fixed assets, staff
  • Large, medium and small special selected businesses in Bulgaria: communications, business, CEO, CIO (if available);
  • ICT key companies in Bulgaria: communications, business, CEO (if supported);
  • Yearly, Since 1991.